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PostSubject: ADMIN APPLICATION    Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:04 pm

User's Staff Application
Steam Name: Onshoremite
Steam Link:
Server Name: Onshore
Why would you like to apply to join BlazeRealmsRP?: I would like to apply because i feel i am a trust worthy person to keep the people on your server happy by protecting them from people ruining their RP experience on your server and give it good admin-ship and keep your server clean from people trolling snd give your server a good reputation!  

Roleplay Questions (In Depth Answers // Complete Sentences)
What is NLR?:NLR is New Life Rule were if you die you don't remember your past life or can't talk of you're past life because you died and you also can't come back for 5 min or based on your server rules.
What is RDM?: RDM is Random Deathmatch in which this means that you or another person killed you or someone else without a valid reason why.
What is FailRP?: Fail RP is FAIL Roleplay which also means that you failed to roleplay in game as a serous life and you break something that will not be due able/possible in real life.
Examples of All Three (Optional):

Administration Questions
You see RDM/NLR Happen. How would you deal with this situation?: If I saw RDM/NLR I would take action by either calling an admin or switching my job to AOD and handling the situation to give the best RP experience.

You see Fail Roleplay Occur. How would you deal with this situation?: As I said I would call an admin to deal with this person who does not take the game serious or if it gets to out of hand i would deal with it myself.  

A Player calls MassRDM and has the logs as proof, however the accused player claims this was not the truth. Who do you claim is telling the truth?: The player who reported the massRDM because he has proof to defend his report by me using the logs to catch the Mass RDM the person has done and I would also deal with his lies.

Player A has significant proof to backup his side, while Player B has a witness to back him up, who do you believe is telling the truth (Provide Reason): Player A beacuse if he has significant proof that the report did happen i will look into it but i cant trust player b and his witness because the witness maybe a friend of the person backing him up for his friend not getting warned/banned,ETC.

You see a person of higher rank abuse their powers (Ent spawning // Banning) How would you stop this from occurring?: First I would contact a higher up such as the owners and do my best to slow or urban the people or get myself banned trying to protect them in the process.

Server Questions
How Long have you played on BlazeRealmsRP?:N/A
Were you told to apply by any of out staff team?:YES
How long can you play in a week?:N/A
Out of your hours per week, how many will be spent in Roleplay?: 284 hrs played only on roleplay.

Thanks for Applying. A BlazeRealmsRP Staff Manager will read over your app shortly. Please allow up to 72 Hours for your app to be decidedly denied or accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: ADMIN APPLICATION    Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:09 pm

Your App has been Accepted by BlazeRealms Personnel
Congratulations! Welcome To The Team!
You will be assigned the proper forums group within the next 24 hours!
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PostSubject: Re: ADMIN APPLICATION    Thu Jun 02, 2016 5:12 pm

This Forum has been LOCKED
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PostSubject: Re: ADMIN APPLICATION    

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