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 Staff Application Guide

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PostSubject: Staff Application Guide   Thu Jun 02, 2016 4:15 pm

User's Staff Application
Steam Name:
Steam Link:
Server Name:
Why would you like to apply to join BlazeRealmsRP?:

Roleplay Questions (In Depth Answers // Complete Sentences)
What is NLR?:
What is RDM?:
What is FailRP?:
Examples of All Three (Optional):

Administration Questions
You see RDM/NLR Happen. How would you deal with this situation?:
You see Fail Roleplay Occur. How would you deal with this situation?:
A Player calls MassRDM and has the logs as proof, however the accused player claims this was not the truth. Who do you claim is telling the truth?:
Player A has signifegant proof to backup his side, while Player B has a witness to back him up, who do you believe is telling the truth (Provide Reason):
You see a person of higher rank abuse their powers (Ent spawning // Banning) How would you stop this from occuring?:

Server Questions
How Long have you played on BlazeRealmsRP?:
Were you told to apply by any of out staff team?:
How long can you play in a week?:
Out of your hours per week, how many will be spent in Roleplay?:
Would you leave RP to go AOD and solve server problems before yours?:

Thanks for Applying. A BlazeRealmsRP Staff Manager will read over your app shortly. Please allow up to 72 Hours for your app to be decidedly denied or accepted.
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Staff Application Guide
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